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Calling all young people on a mission to tackle plastic pollution! Inspired and motivated by the many innovative solutions that participants created in the 2019-2020 GeoChallenge, we are energized to build on our momentum with a new challenge this summer. We invite you to join us for the launch of the National Geographic Global Plastics GeoChallenge: Home Edition.

From June 22-August 7, join young people in grades 4–8 and 9–12 who are inspired to take action at home and in their community around the growing issue of plastic pollution. GeoChallenge: Home Edition is designed to inspire young people to learn about single-use plastic waste, identify a problem they would like to solve, design a solution to that problem, and take action at their home or in the communities with a virtual team. Students can also participate in the challenge individually.

GeoChallenge: Home Edition is part of National Geographic’s Summer Learning Series, an eight-week journey of live events and opportunities—including new programs for young people ages 16+—who are passionate about making a difference in the world. They are part of Generation Geo (#GenGeo)—young people who are thinking critically, collaborating globally, and becoming informed leaders, decision makers, and champions for our planet. Join the GenGeo community using the hashtag #GenGeo and let’s change the world together!

Highlights from Last Year's Challenge

Watch our virtual ceremony for regional GeoChallenge qualifiers, featuring National Geographic Explorer Lillygol Sedaghat discussing the issue of plastic waste. Students also played a plastics-themed "Kahoot!"

Updates from the GeoChallenge