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Your donation to the National Geographic Society supports critical research, exploration, and education programs around the globe. Because of caring people like you, conservationists in the field are working to preserve critical species like lions and elephants, explorers are documenting and protecting the last wild places on the planet, and scientists and researchers are pushing the boundaries of discovery.

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沙巴体育appMake a gift today to help scientists and researchers explore and protect our planet.


Your monthly sustaining gift supports scientific fieldwork and conservation programs around the globe.


沙巴体育appMake a special commitment with an annual donation of $1,000 or more and receive special access and privileges.

Future Gifts


Many people like to leave a gift to the National Geographic Society in their will as part of their legacy.


You can receive payments for life and tax benefits when you support science and exploration through a charitable gift annuity.


沙巴体育appLearn about other tax-savvy ways to support the work that matters to you.

More Ways to Give




Top Image (Orangutans): Joel Sartore/National Geographic Photo Ark; “Give Now” Section: Steve Winter/National Geographic (Tiger and Cub), Joel Sartore/national geographic (Butterflies); "More Ways to Give" Section (Clockwise from top left): BEVERLY JOUBERT/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (LIONESS), BERTIE GREGORY/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (OTTERS), COURTESY DESIGN PICS INC (POLAR BEAR), JOEL SARTORE/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (EGGS IN NEST), COURTESY DESIGN PICS INC (SEA TURTLE)

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