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Explorers at Work

Our explorers in the field are working to save wildlife and wild places.

Shivani Bhalla  

沙巴体育appA conservation biologist works to safeguard the future of Kenya’s rapidly declining lion population.

Pablo Borboroglu  

A leader in the effort to protect penguins uses new approaches to safeguard the species' future.

Jamal Galves  

A National Geographic Photo Ark EDGE Fellow is passionate about manatee conservation in Belize.

Dominique Gonçalves  

沙巴体育appA Mozambican ecologist focuses on elephant conservation and building coexistence between communities.

Rosamira Guillen  

A conservationist is protecting one of Colombia’s most endangered native species.

Beverly and Dereck Joubert  

沙巴体育appThe award-winning filmmakers and conservationists aim to save the wild places and animals of Africa.

Rodrigo Medellín  

An ecologist in Mexico uses a multidisciplinary approach to protect and conserve bat species.

Hannah Reyes Morales  

A Filipina photojournalists sees photography as an agent of change.

Olivier Nsengimana  

沙巴体育appA Rwandan veterinarian is implementing a unique project to save his country’s endangered cranes.

Rudi Putra  

沙巴体育appA biologist is trying to save the critically endangered Sumatran rhinoceros in Indonesia.

Marina Rivero  

沙巴体育appA National Geographic Photo Ark EDGE Fellow is focused on tapir recovery in Sierra Madre de Chiapas.

Asha de Vos  

A Sri Lankan marine biologist and ocean educator pioneers long-term blue whale research in the Indian Ocean.

Rae Wynn-Grant  

An ecologist uses her expertise in statistical modeling to understand human-carnivore conflict.

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